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The Risk-Takers' Prayer

Jim Simons, the founder of Renaissance Tech, passed away recently. Their Medallion fund was known for its stratospheric returns over the last 30 years.

The Man Who Solved the Market is a book about Simons and describes him as a “stubborn optimist.” I loved this phrase. Every entrepreneur and investor has to be an optimist to make money.

Skepticism is necessary, but when it borders on pessimism, it can become extremely detrimental to risk-taking. (This topic deserves a post of its own.)

Just for fun, I asked AI to generate a biblical-type prayer for entrepreneurs and risk-takers using the phrase "stubborn optimist." This is what it came up with:

The Risk-Takers' Prayer

O Lord, bless the soul of the stubbornly optimistic,
For they plant seeds of hope in fallow fields.

Though the winds of doubt howl,
Their faith shall not be moved.

For they see beyond barren paths
To verdant meadows in the distance.

Grant them the fortitude to persevere,
That their vision may one day bear fruit.

Pretty good, isn't it?